Roof to Rims Ultimate Detail


*4 hour service (may change if upcharges are included.)

Exterior will receive:
Cleaning of wheels and tires
Wheel barrels sprayed out
Full rinse
Contact wash
Bug sponge scrubbing
Veichle will be dried
Ceramic spray wax will be applied
Exterior windows cleaned
Tire shine applied

Interior will receive:
Door jams wiped down
Removal of all trash
Cleaning of floor mats
Full vacuum
Full wipe down
Full steam treatment
Full shampoo
Interior protectant applied
Seats conditioned if leather
Interior glass cleaned

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    Add ons


    (Vehicles with above and beyond average work requirements may be subject to a higher quote)

    Any customer who books an appointment after confirming with us and doesn't respond to texts or calls upon our arrival to your detail location or if your veichle is not present at that location during detail time slot you will be subject to a 50$ drive out fee.



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